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Looking to make informed investment decisions? It’s hard to do great analysis with lousy charts. Whether you are a seasoned stock trader, a casual investor, or someone who wouldn’t know a cup and saucer pattern if it was thrown at your head and shoulders, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the 3 best charting websites for different needs:


TradingView offers the ultimate clean and flexible experience for looking at stock charts. Its user-friendly interface and powerful charting tools make it a top choice for traders and investors alike. It’s no wonder many brokers license TradingView charts and widgets for their own sites. Plus, there’s also a great mobile app available for on-the-go analysis.

Yahoo Finance

Best for ease of use, Yahoo Finance provides clean HTML5 charts that are clear, easy to navigate, and ideal for everyday investors. Its straightforward interface ensures a smooth charting experience, making it suitable for users of all experience levels. The platform is also beta testing a rich charting experience with great tools, promising an even better charting experience in the future.

Stock Rover

If you’re looking for free analysis, Stock Rover is the go-to option. It offers great analyst ratings, clear charts, and a solid presentation of fundamental data. While its best assets are tied to subscription accounts, the free features still provide valuable insights for investors who want to delve into the world of data-driven analysis.