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Private Placements

Archway Investments specializes in private placements, offering exclusive investment opportunities in privately held companies. Private placements provide access to unique investment prospects that are not available through the public markets. As an investor, participating in private placements can offer potential advantages such as early-stage investment opportunities, with a potential for much higher returns and the ability to support promising companies in their growth phases.

Benefits of Private Placements

Early-Stage Investment Opportunities

Private placements allow investors to participate in the early stages of a company’s growth. By investing in privately held companies, you have the potential to benefit from their initial expansion, innovative business models and disruptive technologies. Early-stage investments can provide attractive returns as companies progress and achieve milestones.

Potential for Higher Returns

Private placements often offer the potential for higher returns compared to traditional public market investments. As privately held companies grow and succeed, their valuation may increase, leading to potential capital appreciation. Additionally, participating in private placements may enable you to access unique investment opportunities with favorable terms and potential for significant upside.


Private placements provide an avenue for diversification within your investment portfolio. By allocating a portion of your investments to private placements, you can complement your existing holdings in public markets and gain exposure to sectors or industries that may have limited representation in the public domain. Diversification across various investment types can help manage risk and enhance overall portfolio performance.

Support Promising Companies

Investing in private placements allows you to support promising companies and entrepreneurs in their growth journey. By providing capital to these companies, you contribute to their expansion plans, product development and market penetration. This involvement can be fulfilling and aligns with the goals of impact investing and fostering innovation.

Our Approach to Private Placements

Rigorous Due Diligence

We conduct rigorous due diligence on private placement opportunities to evaluate the quality and potential of the investment. Our team assesses factors such as the company’s management team, business model, market positioning, competitive landscape, financials and growth prospects. This thorough analysis enables us to select private placements that align with our investment criteria.

Deal Sourcing and Network

We leverage our extensive network and industry connections to identify exclusive private placement opportunities. Our team actively engages with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry experts to source potential investments and stay informed about emerging trends and opportunities. Our global network allows us to access quality deal flow and participate in exciting investment prospects.

Risk Management

Private placements inherently involve certain risks, including the potential for illiquidity and a higher level of company-specific risk. We employ robust risk management strategies to mitigate these risks and safeguard your investments. Our team carefully assesses risk factors, conducts ongoing monitoring of portfolio companies and implements appropriate risk controls.

Long-Term Partnership

We view private placements as long-term partnerships with the companies in which we invest. Our team maintains active communication and engagement with portfolio companies, providing support, strategic guidance and industry expertise as needed. This partnership approach aims to drive value creation and contribute to the success of invested companies.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting: We provide regular monitoring and reporting on your private placement investments. Our team tracks the progress and performance of portfolio companies, conducts valuation assessments and communicates updates and insights. We believe in transparency and open communication to ensure you have a clear understanding of your private placement investments.

Partner with Archway Investments to explore the potential of private placements. Our expertise in deal sourcing, due diligence and risk management will help you access exclusive investment opportunities and navigate the dynamic landscape of privately held companies.