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Meet the Archway Investments Team

Our Team

Meet our exceptional team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering outstanding results and personalized services. Led by our visionary CEO/Managing Director, our team brings together diverse expertise and cultural perspectives to drive success. Our investment managers skillfully navigate global markets, research analysts uncover valuable insights, and legal and compliance officers ensure regulatory compliance. Behind the scenes, our operations manager ensures seamless processes, empowering our team to focus on delivering exceptional investment solutions. Transparency and trust are at the core of our values. Explore our team’s profiles to learn about their qualifications, achievements, and areas of expertise. Whether you’re an individual investor or an institutional client, our team is committed to providing the highest level of service and results-driven strategies. Join us on this journey and discover why we are a leading force when it comes to international investments.

Li Wei

CEO/Managing Director

Results-driven executive with a proven track record in leading international investment firms. Strategic thinker with expertise in driving business growth, optimizing operational efficiency, and cultivating strong client relationships. Skilled in capital allocation, risk management, and navigating global financial markets.

Emily Johnson​

Investment Manager

Seasoned investment professional with a strong track record in managing diverse investment portfolios. Analytical thinker with expertise in conducting research, evaluating market trends, and implementing effective investment strategies. Skilled in asset allocation, risk assessment, and delivering exceptional investment returns.

Michael Thompon

Research Analyst

Detail-oriented research analyst with a strong background in analyzing financial data, conducting market research, and generating investment insights. Skilled in quantitative analysis, financial modeling, and identifying emerging market trends. Experienced in providing valuable research recommendations to support investment decision-making.

Jennifer Williams


A Highly skilled legal compliance professional with extensive experience in the financial industry. Expertise in ensuring regulatory compliance, managing legal risks, and implementing effective compliance programs. Strong background in contract negotiation, corporate governance, and regulatory frameworks.